July 25, 2021

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Afghanistan VP Amrullah Saleh attacks Pakistan with 1971 Indo-Pak photo

NEW DELHI: Afghanistan Vice President Amrullah Saleh on Wednesday took a swipe at Pakistani trolls by sharing a photo of the signing of the Instrument of Surrender in 1971, on Twitter, saying that Afghanistan “does not have and never will have, such a picture in our history.”
The photo shows the Pakistan Army surrendering to the Indian Army during the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971. On December 16, 1971, general Amir Abdullah Khan Niazi, along with 93,000 troops, surrendered and signed the Instrument of Surrender in Dhaka after a 13-day war, the largest military surrender since World War II.
“We don’t have, and never will have, such a picture in our history…Dear Pak Twitter attackers, [Taliban] and terrorism will not be able to cure the trauma of this image. Find other ways,” he tweeted.

Saleh has vocally condemned the Pakistan Army for supporting Taliban in the Spin Boldak area. In his tweet he talked about his fear after the rocket attacks on Tuesday as President Ashraf Ghani offered prayers on the occasion of Eid-ul-Adha at the Presidential Palace in Kabul, but reaffirmed his confidence in Afghanistan, asking Pakistani Twitter attackers to “find other ways” to heal their trauma.
Saleh earlier tweeted on July 15, “If anyone doubts my tweet on Pak Air Force and Pak Army warning to the Afghanistan side not to retake Spin Boldak, I am ready to share evidence through DM. Afghan aircraft as far as 10 kilometres from Spin Boldak are warned to back off or face air to air missiles. Afghanistan is too big to be swallowed.”
The Afghan government is engaged in discussions with Taliban representatives in Doha to reach a settlement as the Taliban captured the Spin Boldak border of the country.
(With inputs from agencies)

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