September 24, 2021

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The World Stock Markets Tips & Targets, News, Views & Updates

Love is not attachment

Love is beautiful only when there is no attachment in it. Love means just the opposite of attachment, because attachment creates a very unloving space. Attachment means you will be possessive and, from the other side, you will be possessed. Everybody wants to get out of the prison; hence the fear. The more you possess, the more you become afraid that the other will try to escape. To possess means to reduce the other person into a thing, a commodity. That is utterly destructive, inhuman. Achild is not furniture, a woman is not a thing, a man is not a commodity. The moment you possess somebody, you are exploiting, and love cannot exploit.

And, the moment you possess, you are continuously afraid, anxious, worried, shaky, trembling deep down. There is always fear. It is bound to be there, because to possess somebody means you are creating a bondage for the other person, and nobody likes bondage; everybody resists it. It is very rare to come across lovers who are friendly, because possessiveness does not allow friendship to grow.

When love and freedom go together, hand in hand, they create the most beautiful space possible. It is only in that space that one comes to know the ultimate. That space is the temple of the ultimate. That space is the most precious phenomenon in existence.

Abridged from The Old Pond…Plop, Osho Times International,

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