September 28, 2021

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Over two lakh ICU beds readied for Covid surge post festive season

The government is gearing up for another spike in Covid infections as the festival season nears, officials said to TOI. More than two lakh ICU beds, half of them with assisted ventilators, are being earmarked for Covid-19 patients.

“Each district hospital will get at least five more ventilators. Many districts have already started getting deliveries,” a senior official told TOI. Around 40,000 additional beds with ventilators are also being added in the large-scale augmentation of Covid-health infrastructure across the nation.

This preparation is taking place keeping in mind the high viral load of the Delta variant and a study of the second wave. “The problem is not focused around the availability of ventilators. With local manufacturing of ventilators, the supply issue has been addressed but even as we procure more ventilators, human resource management and training is crucial,” the official said.

“The metric for healthcare infrastructure requirement is based on admission rate during the second wave. We found that hospitalisation increased during the previous surge. Earlier, it was 20% though not everyone was in ICU. If it is a Delta-like variant or Delta itself, our assumption is that this is what our hospitalisation would look like but the uncertainty is if it’s a smarter Delta. Planning should be done in a pragmatic way,” another senior official said to TOI.

The vaccination too, will show an impact, the official said. Breakthrough infections will take place too, but mortality and hospitalisation will be much more modest, the source added.

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