September 26, 2021

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The World Stock Markets Tips & Targets, News, Views & Updates

Amazon plans to hire another 125,000 employees, paying them an average of $18 per hour

In 2019 the state’s biggest challenge was finding enough qualified workers to fill all the jobs coming to the state in hard-won developments like snaring Amazon’s HQ2 project. Here, an Amazon recruiter gives advice to a job seeker at an Amazon Career Day event in Arlington, Virginia, on September 17, 2019.

Andrew Caballero-Reynolds | AFP | Getty Images

Amazon said Tuesday it is looking to fill 125,000 roles nationwide, as competition for workers in a tough labor market continues to heat up. The company said the roles will pay an average of $18 an hour.

The roles come in addition to the 40,000 corporate and tech jobs the company said it was hiring for earlier this month. Since the pandemic began, Amazon says it has hired 450,000 workers nationwide.

While Amazon’s starting pay stands at $15 an hour, the company said it would offer a $3,000 signing bonus in some locations. Some roles could offer up to $22.50.

This year Amazon said it has opened over 250 new fulfillment centers, airport hubs and facilities in the U.S. The company plans to open 100 additional facilities in September alone.

Dozens of companies from Walmart to Target have begun offering incentives like education benefits, higher pay, and sign-on bonuses to woo workers. Amazon is no different. Last week, the e-commerce giant said it would cover the cost of college tuition, including books and fees, for its 750,000 hourly employees nationwide.

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