September 18, 2021

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The World Stock Markets Tips & Targets, News, Views & Updates

Conscious beauty brand curator Aardae takes 36 Indian brands to Singapore

Aardae, a curator of Indian and international conscious beauty brands has a vision to put homegrown brands on the global map. In line with this, the platform is taking clean beauty products from 40 brands to the Singapore market. Of these 40 brands, 36 are from India and Aardae is already in talks with 20 other international brands that will be available on their platform soon.

The Indian organic cosmetics market has been growing at 25% annually, with an exponential increase in customers wanting to adopt a holistic, nature-centric approach to beauty. Aardae is a platform that makes available curated conscious beauty solutions in untapped markets.

Darshana Balagopal, co-founder of Aardae said that the reason why the company chose to launch in Singapore was that it provided the company a window to the world. Further, she said that through their surveys and market studies, they found that despite being a market that is inundated with Korean and Japanese skincare products, there was still tremendous scope for Indian brands to make a splash.

“During our research we found out that, yes, they (the Singapore market) are very susceptible to the clean beauty environment and the brands, but they are not very brand loyal,” she said. “If you look at their key search words and everything, they mostly search on the ingredients. So in a way, that’s good for us, because launching as a new brand, but in terms of loyalty to make sure that they are going to be only a Korean focused market, or only a Japanese focused market, no, they’re not. So that’s also one of the reasons that we decided that, you know, Singapore is one of the best test markets to enter.”

The platform received over 400 applications from different brands but was very stringent with their selection, choosing high performance brands known for their clean, organic and cruelty-free values.

“It was very important for us that their vision needs to align with ours,” Shweta Gupta, co-founder of Aardae said. “We’re not just taking them to Singapore, we’re taking them to the Southeast Asia market. We’re taking all these brands to the next segment of targets, which is the Middle East, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and even to South Africa. Then there is also the overall branding, the packaging, the story that they were telling and their marketing.”

She went on to add that Aardae carefully curated products that they believed would work in the Singapore market. Further, she said that most of these brands being manufacturers were even willing to make products for these markets. She said that after Singapore, the platform has its eyes set on expansion to Malaysia.

Gupta said that one of the most important aspects that went into shortlisting these brands was to ensure that their certification was up to the mark. A common occurrence among Indian skincare brands is that they loosely use terms like ‘organic,’ ‘ayurvedic,’ ‘natural’ and the like.

“We realised that a lot of these brands didn’t even have their manufacturing units, they had no proper certification and that there was no proper formal structure,” she said. “So that was one of the main criteria. So GMP certification was one of the main certificates that we required. Ecocert was again the other certification. Of course, vegan, cruelty free, sulphate free, paraben free, those are mandatory. Some of them have even more certifications than that. And all these products have been registered in Singapore under the Health Authority of Singapore.”

Among the brands that will be available in Singapore for the first time through Aardae are Dot & Key, Juicy Chemistry, OCEGLOW, Purearth, Earth Rhythm, Omorfee dozens more. Hong Kong-based Purearth is also in the catalogue, and the co-founders are keen to add more Indian and international brands soon. Many of these brands will enjoy international distribution and visibility for the first time through the platform.

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