October 20, 2021

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The World Stock Markets Tips & Targets, News, Views & Updates

Nexzu Rompus+ Ownership Review: Electrifying the bicycle experience

Nexzu offered us to test ride their Rompus+ e-cycle a few weeks back. Here’s how the journey has been!

Many years back in the initial days of my first year of college is the last time I rode a bicycle. Motorcycles and cars took over since then and a bicycle is something I never really missed, partly because of my regular workout schedule. Coronavirus though changed that among many other things in the last year and a half as going to the gym was no longer a possibility and a bicycle suddenly had a lot going for it in terms of a fitness tool.

Although the thought lingered in my mind I wasn’t sure about getting a bicycle as a car seemed the best option in terms of safety from the virus. However, as things improved after the 2nd wave the fitness spark came alive again when Nexzu offered me to test ride their Rompus+ e-cycle. Suddenly it seemed like a great idea since I could use the e-cycle not only as a fitness tool but also for short-distance commuting, thereby saving petrol, which is expensive as hell now. A few days later, Nexzu technicians arrived at my home to assemble the e-cycle and this took hardly an hour, thereby kickstarting my journey with a cycle or rather an e-cycle.

Let’s get the basic specs out of the way first. The Nexzu Rompus + is powered by a 250 W hub motor, which draws power from a 5.2 Ah battery The company claims that in pure electric mode the electric cycle will deliver about 22 km of range and a little over 30 km if you keep using leg power with electric power.

After having ridden this machine for a few months I can safely say that it’s very hard for me to now go back to a usual bicycle. The Rompus+ works brilliantly as an electric vehicle and having ridden it in various conditions we got around 18 km of range consistently on pure electric mode. With pedals, I was once able to reach a tad over 29 km, which means it can be used very well for multiple purposes.

In terms of riding, the Rompus+ rides like any usual bicycle without gears but the thing which could be new for many is the fact that once you switch the electricals on the moment you start to pedal (a second’s lag actually), the motor kicks in taking off some effort. This makes it very easy to ride the cycle for longer distances than usual. What you do need to watch out for is when riding in dense traffic the abrupt power inflow can make things a bit tricky but once you get used to it there shouldn’t be an issue.

Controls can be operated using a small and simple panel on the left side of the handlebar. Buttons include modes for power to be used, light, horn, and an on/ off button. On the right side, you have the throttle, just like you get in a scooter or a motorcycle. This can be used to control the speed when riding in pure electric mode. The high power mode is my personal favourite because it provides enough power and speed (23 kmph top speed as tested on GPS) to get around places with ease without the rider becoming a slow-moving roadblock in tight places.

The disc brakes on both wheels also do a good job of bringing the Rompus+ to a quick stop and the semi-knobby tyres offer good grip on surfaces with varying levels of traction. That said, there is one thing which I wish could’ve been better and that’s the seat. While the seat has decent cushioning, it’s a little too narrow for my liking and as a result of that longer rides can get a bit concerning at times.

In terms of design, Nexzu has done a good job with the Rompus+ and the integration of the battery and motor has been done quite neatly. As a result, the machine blends into the traffic like any other good-looking bicycle would. The shockers upfront do a good job of soaking in most undulations but I think the fitment quality here could’ve been a tad better. Beyond this, the look and feel of the Rompus+ is impressive.


The Nexzu Rompus+ is one of the best picks right now for those on the lookout for an electric cycle. It offers a clean and impressive design and isn’t too heavy despite the weight of the battery and motor. With a good range and a charging time of around six hours from a home socket, the Rompus+ offers good practicality and uses. At a price of Rs 32,925, the Rompus+ is a value-for-money proposition with only a few shortcomings that we mentioned but thankfully, none of them are dealbreakers. In a nutshell, if you’re sceptical about how electric vehicles can be to live with then investing in something like the Rompus+ is a sensible option as it’ll give you some of the main insights related to electric vehicle ownership without burning a hole in your pocket.

The e-cycle is with us and will continue to be so for some more time to come so do watch out for our more detailed coverage on how the battery pack fares after longer usage and if the product can maintain its premium-looking build quality over a longer test of time.

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