October 24, 2021

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The World Stock Markets Tips & Targets, News, Views & Updates

Finally, A Platform Where Crypto Meets Cricket: Cricketcrazy.io



Cricketcrazy.io is a crypto platform which allows cricket fans to collect digital memorabilia

For those who have been crazy about cricket and also hold a fancy for cryptocurrency, there’s good news. The recently established Cricket Foundation (the first of its kind crypto ecosystem dedicated to the sport), co-founded by former cricketer Parthiv Patel along with Pruthvi Rao, provides fans a platform to have exclusive ownership of digital cricket memorabilia and collectibles, as both of them love to describe such items, through “cricketcrazy.io”, the world’s first cricket exclusive non-fungible tokens (NFT) marketplace.

They have also launched the world’s first cricket tokens which have now been listed on crypto exchanges across the country.

Speaking to NDTV, Parthiv Patel said that Cricket Foundation is an exclusive NFT marketplace, where cricket lovers would get a chance to actually own (though virtually) all the mementoes (for example the stumps’ bails taken by Mohinder Amarnath after India won the 1983 cricket World Cup finals against the West Indies) associated with memorable moments of the game.

The platform apart from allowing cricket lovers to exclusively own these digital collectibles, also allows the cricketers associated with it get a chance to monetise their digital assets, thus helping them supplement their income post-retirement from the game.

“Cricketers have a short shelf life and by the time one matures it is almost time to retire from the game. Therefore one should have a viable career option or a business to fall back upon after retirement. We can monetise our memorabilia through this platform, however it is not just about earning money but also about sharing our memorable moments with fans and giving them happiness,” Mr Patel said.

Mr Rao said that NFTs are an application which gives a chance to fans and even collectors of mementos to add digital collectibles to their collections.

“In a WhatsApp forward, what we normally forward to others is a copy of the actual file, however in the case of NFTs with the help of Blockchain technology, one can actually own the original file and this is the uniqueness of this platform,” Mr Rao said.

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