December 7, 2021

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The World Stock Markets Tips & Targets, News, Views & Updates

This old Re 1 coin can make you a crorepati; here’s how

New Delhi: You can become a millionaire if you have a habit of collecting antique coins or notes. People frequently retain old coins quite well. The value of these coins has now skyrocketed. You can earn lakhs of rupees with this. Today, we’ll tell you about a one-rupee coin that can make you a millionaire.

Actually, this Re 1 coin was auctioned off for Rs 10 crore. But this was no ordinary coin. The coin was of British era and was printed in 1885, and you will be paid Rs 10 crore for it. You can put it up for auction online.

Where to sell coins?

You can auction this coin online and win up to Rs 9 crore 99 lakh. After all, where will the people who pay so much money for this one coin be found, you must be wondering. Along with this, knowing where to auction it can help you make more money. Apart from that, the entire auction procedure tells you.

Auction online like this

You go to OLX to sell these ancient coins.

– You can create your login ID and auction your coin here.

In addition, you can auction coins by creating an ID on

To do so, you must first register as a seller.

– Following that, upload a snapshot of your ancient coin to this website.

– Many people buy antiques, and they will contact you if they are interested in this coin.

Following that, you may easily get a bonus by selling your antique coin in exchange for a toll.

Those that enjoy collecting old coins may be willing to pay you well for this.

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