December 5, 2021

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Bizarre! Woman accidentally swallows Apple AirPods, records sound from her stomach

New Delhi: In an odd event, a woman claimed in a TikTok video that she swallowed her Apple AirPods by accident. “@iamcarliiib,” a TikTok user from Boston, claimed to have her left AirPod in one hand and an Ibuprofen 800 tablet in the other. She meant to take the medicine, but she swallowed her left AirPod instead.

She tried to puke it out after realising she had ‘taken’ the AirPods instead of her medicine. However, it did not work. According to Apple Insider, she had to have an X-ray to establish that the AirPod was inside her stomach, and it had happily come out “through the usual run of events.”

Her iPhone was connected to the AirPods, and she was able to make a call using the AirPod inside her stomach. While the situation appears to be frightening, the woman claims that AirPod captured “gurgling sounds” from her tummy.

The terrified user swore she’d never use her AirPods again. She is, thankfully, unharmed.

It’s not the first time an AirPod has gone missing. A man from Massachusetts has previously eaten his AirPods while sleeping, according to the story. After an endoscopic procedure, the AirPods had to be removed from his oesophagus. A 7-year-old child was sent to the hospital after swallowing the AirPods in another incident.

In a related story from last year, an Apple AirPods user in China had to be transported to the hospital when his AirPods burst in his ears. He received minor injuries, which he had recovered from after a few days. After a comprehensive inquiry, Apple is said to have paid the user.

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