December 1, 2021

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The World Stock Markets Tips & Targets, News, Views & Updates

PVR partners with UFO Moviez to introduce air sterilization system, installs it in 60% screens so far

Multiplex operator PVR in partnership with cinema advertising platform UFO Moviez has introduced anti-viral cinema air purification system for its 856 screens.

The cinema-specific air sterilization device, called UFO-Wolf AirMask, eliminates air-borne viruses in enclosed spaces, said Gautam Dutta, CEO, PVR Ltd.

“This (Wolf AirMask) is being installed in all 856 screens and in 60 percent of screens the installation is completed and by December 14, the balance 40 (percent) will be done,” Dutta told Moneycontrol.

PVR has invested close to Rs 9 crore to install around 4,000 units of Wolf AirMask in its properties. One auditorium needs around 4 machines with one unit covering around 1,000 square feet area, according to Dutta.

Kapil Agarwal, Joint Managing Director at UFO Moviez India Ltd., said that while PVR is the first organized effort, they have installed the technology in many theatres across India.

Overall, UFO Moviez has sold around 6,000 units of Wolf AirMask to cinemas.

He added that there are three models of Wolf AirMask covering 1,000, 500 and 250 square feet area, with the biggest model costing Rs 30,000.

Talking about the features of UFO-Wolf AirMask, Dutta and Agarwal said that the technology eliminates air-borne viruses in enclosed spaces. The product discharges negative ions which binds with the surface protein of the coronavirus, or any other harmful viruses and microbes present in the air and neutralizes it. Also, it can neutralize 99 percent of SARS COVID-2 virus within 15 minutes.

In PVR properties, the device has been installed in the auditoriums, lobbies and washrooms.

“Through this initiative, we are confident that we will reassure our patrons on the safe environment that cinema provides to enjoy their favourite movies the way they used to,” said Dutta.

Adding to this Agarwal said, “The covid pandemic has resulted in the disruption of the movie watching experience and the biggest challenge for cinema theatres is to regain the confidence of their patrons. Safety protocols such as fumigation and sanitization are just not enough to sterilize these public spaces and there is a need to sterilize the air circulating in these areas.”

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