November 29, 2021

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Own a special Rs 1 coin? You can earn up to Rs 2.5 lakh by selling it online, check process

New Delhi: The demand for collectable old and rare coins and notes is on the rise for the last few months. Collectors with rare currencies are selling old coins and notes for lakhs of rupees. For instance, a special Rs 1 coin is selling for up to Rs 2.5 lakh, according to reports. 

The coin that we’re talking about here is a 1985 Rs 1 coin with an H mark on it. One such coin was reportedly sold at a high price a few years ago. So, if you’re in possession of one such coin, you could make lakhs by sitting at the comfort of your home. 
What makes the Rs 1 coin more special is that it was first brought into circulation in 19821 and was last minted in 1991. The coins are said to be minted of stainless steel and weighed about 4.85 grams.

The Rs 1 coin sports earrings of the corn on one side and the Ashoka Pillar on the other. One can clearly see India written on the coin in both Hindi and English. The coin was minted in four Indian mints as well as two mints outside the country – one at Llantrisant (UK) and the other at Heaton mint (UK). 

However, the special coin that we’re talking about isn’t the usual Rs 1 coin that was the 1985 H mark because these coins are quite common. The one that was sold for Rs 2.5 lakh because it wasn’t issued for public circulation, but was a trial Off Metal Strike (OMS) coin.

OMS coin, as the name suggests, is a coin minted with a different metal than coins in circulation. The Rs 1 coin that was auctioned off for Rs 2.5 lakh was minted in pure Copper only while other coins in circulations were made of a mixture of Copper-Nickel. Also Read: PM Kisan: Farmers could get 10th instalment before New Year, here’s how to check status

According to a report by DNA, you can sell the coin on, where you can post the ad for selling the special currency. Once you posted the free ad, interested customers will start contacting you with their offers. You can negotiate with them before selling the coin that would have been with you probably for years, if not decades. Also Read: Avenge the dinosaurs with asteroid defence mission: SpaceX chief Elon Musk tells NASA

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